Welcome to Soundscapes

We Have an Aural Fixation

Don’t judge—we can explain. We’re passionate about producing attention-getting sound for your marketing and advertising.

Holding a script that needs casting & production? We’ve been helping America’s Creatives cast perfect voices for over 30 years.

Like other studios, we have a large voice talent roster. Unlike other studios, we’re very picky about who goes on our roster. Our vetting process assures you cast only the best talent—pros who get it right the first time.

Soundscapes engineers do more than push buttons. They’re seasoned producers and talent directors who collaborate with you to make your work sound better than you imagined.

Your Soundscapes Production Coordinator works for you like a concierge. They handle the heavy lifting—auditions, casting, market checks, music clearance, and talent coordination—so you can get back to creating the next new thing.

Send a script our way for a free estimate. We’re looking forward to welcoming you into the family of producers who have a passion for great sound.