Welcome to Soundscapes

We Have an Aural Fixation

Now don’t get all judgy—we can explain. Sound is our lives. Service to you is what we live for.

Need great voice talent for that script on your screen? Our voice casting is so good that creative teams feel no need for auditions. Our Production Coordinators get it right every time with the world’s most professional talent roster. If you’d like, we’ll even handle talent direction for you while you listen in.

When your voice tracks are done (SFX: Champagne cork) we’re just getting started. Soundscapes engineers are NOT your typical button-pushers. They’re seasoned producers and directors who collaborate with you on music and SFX to mix you a masterpiece.

No matter what you need—casting, market checks, music clearances, project coordination, ADR, custom music, or even auditions—Soundscapes covers the waterfront—for commercials, pre-rolls, streaming ads, e-learning & training, post for video, or narration.

Send a script our way for a free estimate. Once you produce with us, you’ll understand that whole aural fixation thing.