Soundscapes Brings Home Gold for Clients

Of course it’s just Lucite, but it’s Gold to us! It’s Addy season, and Soundscapes’ work  is winning for our clients all over the nation. Here’s a list of what has won in the last couple of weeks:

Chris O’Brien carried home Best of Show Radio for Archer>Malmo in Memphis with this visually engaging spot for Planet Tan:

Jay Cranford of CranfordCo has a deep understanding of how to use radio. The proof? This spot for Williamson Insurance:

And Katie Bradley Barrett of Love Communications keeps people coming to the Utah Symphony with work like this:

Of course there was lots of silver and bronze to be mentioned, but Gold is really our favorite precious metal. Even if it is just Lucite.

Addy® Report

It may sound sort of uncool to say it, but I love the Addys! I mean really love them. When you get that many industry people crowded into one place, (with a free bar,) you get to talk about work with passionate people who understand and are honestly interested.

Of course, it helps when you walk out with an armload of awards. This year, Soundscapes nabbed five awards, including best of industry self-promotion for our movie Trouble in Martindale, which shipped to potential clients in this sweet little package.Happily, every Radio entry that won was produced at Soundscapes. We also heard a lot of our own sound design on the TV winners. Congratulations and thanks to everyone on the Soundscapes team. You’re a remarkable group of individuals.

Here’s me picking up an award. That’s Katie Rice from Exit Marketing sporting her new John Crowley tattoo and handing our this year’s beautiful framed letterpress awards created by CJRW.

Rounding out the fun at the Little Rock Addys this year was Soundscapes voice actor Abby Kerby as the emcee. She blew through the 35 pages of winners in less than 90 minutes and kept the show moving with her own bizarre brand of humor. (If you’ve worked with Abby, you know what I’m talking about.)

We hope you did well in your awards shows! If Soundscapes was involved, we’d love it if you’d drop us an e-mail and let us know what you won.

-Brent Walker

Bob Hulsey wins 48-Hour Best Actor

This year's 48-Hour Film Festival found Soundscapes Voice Actor Bob Hulsey in front of the camera for a role that nabbed him the audience's Best Actor award. Ever wonder who writes the fortunes in your fortune cookie? Take a look…the answer's kind of weird. (warning…brief nudity, but nothing that would ruin your lunch.)

ADDY® Awards are Out of this World

The Arkansas Advertising Federation held the annual ADDY® Awards on Saturday night and it was out of this world! Check out the complete list of winners here and photos here and here.


Special Judges Awards went to Show Creative Marketing, Heifer International and Thoma Thoma.




The Soundscapes Radio Listening Station was a hit again this year, thanks to Karen and John Crowley, as curious folks eavesdropped on award-winning radio.


A UFO was spotted at some point, but the occupant seemed to come in peace. He also seemed to like Bloody Marys. And the earth ladies.



Kudos to Dani Petty, ADDY® Chair, and outgoing AAF President Sam Cooper for his last ADDY® Awards show. Great job, and congratulations to all the winners!


Piedmont Hospital Cures Chronic Fear of Weasels

Just another reminder that the deadline for the 2008 Radio Mercury Awards is coming up on February 22. Take a listen to the 2006 winner, courtesy of Fitzgerald+CO…it’s good for what ails you.