A Short Podcast about Podcasting

Podcasting began a decade ago in 2006. And it just kind of sat there. Nobody knew what to do with it or how to make it work for their business. Now, that’s changing. Podcasting is gaining traction. Since podcasting is a Radio art, Soundscapes is starting a short podcast series about podcasting. This is episode one.

Key takeaways:

  • Podcasting is seeing exponential growth in listenership
  • Due to its Do-It-Yourself nature, the quality of the work is questionable
  • Most podcasts are too long due to lack of structure
  • Structure & formatting are incredibly important

The 5 things all podcasts must have:

  1. Content that benefits the listener (it’s not a press release)
  2. High production values
  3. A sense of forward momentum
  4. A clearly defined format
  5. An editorial calendar

If your business or non-profit is interested in beginning a podcast series, Soundscapes will help you figure out how to best engage your audience. Just call 501-661-1765 and we’ll set up an initial meeting.