Never Leave the Talent Hanging…

Session Notes squareI’ve seen this happen a lot: The session begins, everyone has script in hand, the engineer’s finger is on the stop watch, he calls “Take one” and 63 seconds later, the first read is down. What happens next is critical.

In the control room (or conference room, with phone muted) everyone begins a conversation about cuts that need to be made in the script, what needs to be stressed, the performance, etc.  But in the talent’s headphones…Silence.  Crickets. For a very long time.

During this time, the voice talent begins to experience Flop Sweat—that dread that comes from worrying about what they did wrong to elicit such silence. As time marches on, their imagination goes wild—and none of it is good.

Here’s the point: Always, ALWAYS give your voice talent immediate feedback after every take, even if it’s just “that was great, we need to talk about the script for a minute.”

Voice talent runs the human emotional gamut, from solid self-confidence to crushing self-doubt—and this scale is severely lopsided. If you leave your talent hanging after a take, the next take will not turn out well.

Give immediate feedback after every take, and you create a team member who will always deliver for you.