Consistent Brand Sound

Session Notes squareQuick—think about Intel. Those iconic five notes played in your head, didn’t they?

Now—think about Motel 6. That’s Tom Bodett’s laconic lilt you’re hearing over that forlorn fiddle.

A unique brand sound is one of the very best tools available for listener engagement. Just as every brand should have a logo, they should also have a readily identifiable sound signature. There are several ways to go about this:

  • Using a consistent voice or cast of characters
  • Using consistent music
  • Using a consistent audio logo
  • Using a consistent script structure
  • Using a consistent situation

These are all ways to create a great brand sound, but if it’s not consistent, it loses all its power. How effective would the old Budweiser Real Men of Genius campaign have been if they had produced just one spot? How much impact would Geico’s Gecko have had if he had just lasted 13 weeks? Consistency is key.

As creative producers though, we seek novelty. Have you ever heard yourself say “…we used that music on the last spot, let’s find something else.” Or “I’m tired of the voice we’ve used for the past year, let’s cast someone new.” This natural need for novelty takes the wind out of the sail of Consistent Brand Sound. It weakens a campaign. Why?

Much of the time, audio advertising is listened to passively; it’s on in the background. If you don’t have a brand sound, your advertising passes by unnoticed, like so much white noise. However, if you’ve developed a consistent brand sound, it can’t be missed.

Humans are always hearing—we have eyelids, but no earlids—and sometimes we hear without listening. So, even in the background, when we’re merely hearing, a consistent brand sound creates an impression. And in the foreground, when we’re listening, it sounds like a familiar friend.

You would never change a logo design with every print campaign. The same thinking should be applied to sound in audio advertising. Create something unique—a logo for the ear—then stick with it.

Soundscapes has helped many clients come up with a brand sound that’s not only unique and consistent, but a pleasure to listen to. Call us, and we’ll help you develop one.